• What goes behind your investment?
    Complexity We need to understand the complexity of your request, how much existing material is provided versus how much of it we’ll have to suss out on our own. At the same time, the execution of what you have in your mind might require more work from our end than expected. For example, projects with … Read more
  • momentscreatives Featured on Best In Singapore
    momentscreatives is a content development company that focuses on branding and marketing, video production founded in Singapore. They specialise in creative storytelling through Digital Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube), Content Strategy, Video Production, Animation, Green Screen and Graphic Design. With over 12 years of handcrafting ideas through videography and design, and armed with a talented team … Read more
    I know we’ve all spent years trying to tell clients why there’s so much more to this thing than pointing a high-quality camera (which they carry in their pockets) at your subject. And it’s true, there is. We aren’t hedging on that one. But it STILL behooves you and your business to figure this thing out and embrace the self-recording. Do it well and you’ll be able to offer your clients more flexibility while still producing something you want to put your name on.
    Sure, there are as many iPhones as there are stars in the (Samsung) Galaxy. Sure, people are more forgiving about production value right now. And yes, you can send a mountain of footage to an able editor over the wonderful, wacky web. But should you? Are you going to feel good about using what they produce once COVID is in our rearview mirror?
    Just when you’ve mastered your craft, 2020 comes along, everything just up and goes virtual on us, and you have to stretch your creative muscles again. Speaking of crafts, maybe you’re doing more of them with your kids while missing the craft services on set? If it’s any solace, let’s just remember that the crudités and bite-sized cheesecake squares on set are only okay. And also that there’s still work for crews with the rise of virtual events and virtual productions.
  • DIY Wedding: A Design Guide for Brides
    Weddings are expensive. Even with limited guests and a minimal setup, the event can put a dent in your bank account. But even with the looming costs, people tend to spend and splurge for this occasion because it’s a momentous one. A wedding, after all, is a celebration of love.
  • The Average Cost of Weddings in Singapore 2021 + Saving Tips
    Planning a party for 100 or more can be challenging. Budgeting is key to planning a successful celebration. On average, weddings in Singapore cost about $30,000 to $50,000 and can go up to $100,000. The cost of wedding largely depends on the type of wedding you envision, as well as the scale of it and the number of guests you are planning to invite. This article will share with you the various components of a wedding (we will try to be as detailed as possible) and the average costs of each to help you better budget for it (there is a table summary at the bottom of the article). We also share our vendor recommendations with you. We share some wedding saving tips with you throughout this article.
  • Complete Guide to Three-Point Lighting
    Three-point lighting (also known as documentary lighting) is the most basic lighting set up and one that you will use over and over again. I’ve been making videos and shooting documentaries for over 5 years now and this is always my go-to lighting set up. Enjoy this momentscreatives lighting tutorial!
  • Benefits of advertising on social media
    Media platforms marketing is effective and momentscreatives has strategic marketing techniques that helped many business owners and companies. In order to showcase services and products, social networking advertising campaigns offer various benefits. What are ads on social media? To put it more simply, it is a type of online marketing and its impact primarily on social networking websites.
  • Basics of Videography
    Thanks to innovations in technology, everyone can become an amateur videographer without breaking the bank on costly equipment. All smartphones have the ability to shoot video, and there are plenty of free software systems available for editing. It’s possible to film a movie whenever you want nowadays.

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