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We are a content development company that focuses on branding and marketing, video production founded in Singapore.
We specialise in creative storytelling through Digital Media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok), Content Strategy, Video Production, Animation, Green Screen and Graphic Design.

Our Clientele

With over 12 years of handcrafting ideas through videography and design, and armed with a talented team of content creators, we have had the privilege of providing our services to brands, creative agencies, and a wide range of businesses in Singapore, in helping them create their stories. So tell us your story and we will bring it to life.

Our Goals

  1. Communicate your brand messages using a targeted marketing video.
  2. Boost your website/lead conversion rate.
  3. Use your video as an asset that can be used in your advertising efforts.
  4. Build brand credibility and engagement.

We Bring The Value to You

While price and portfolio are important factors, we place more emphasis on building the right talents so that our talents will understand our clients’ vision, needs and goals, and we believe that this will help achieve their marketing and business goals.

Our expertises include:

  • Corporate Interview Videos
  • YouTube Marketing Branding Videos
  • Property Marketing Videos
  • Creative Product Marketing Videos
  • Facebook Marketing Videos

Branding Videography

Share your story to the world..
starting from a 2 hrs cinematography session and providing a 1-2 mins video..

Event Cinematography

Capture the moment..
starting from a 2 hrs cinematography session and providing a 1-2 mins highlight video..

Family Portraiture

Keepsake your precious time..
starting from a 1 hr photography session, return all good photos with lighting and colour post-edit..

Product Videography

Product’s design and features..
starting from a 2 hrs cinematography session and providing a 1-2 mins video..

Corporate Portraiture

PR and Media..
starting from a 1 hr photography session, providing 5 lighting and colour post-edited photo..

Casual Portraiture

Couples and graduation..
starting from a 1 hr photography session, return all good photos with lighting and colour post-edit..

For other requirements..

Do get in touch with us and speak with our friendly team..

Well-executed corporate video can help your brand attain more

Customers are 80% more likely to buy-in after watching a video about your product or service.

Become the go-to specialist

Have trouble convincing prospects to take you seriously? Videos can help you convince and convert them by building trust and credibility.

Simplify Complicated Messages

We don’t buy what we don’t understand. Explainer Videos increase retention and comprehension up to 50,000 times. Increase your conversions today.

Leaving a lasting thought

Well-produced video stories have the power to get people excited. Use it to impress those new to your brand and win more business from your competitors.

Our video productions don’t just look great, we help clients achieve ROI.

See how we’ve helped clients just like you succeed with video

Corporate Video Production

Interviews, company introductions, event showcases – some stories can only be told with film.

We shoot 4K quality and edit to perfection so your audiences remember and choose you over your competitors.

As a specialised video branding and marketing company, here’s what we do to earn your investment:

  • Work closely with you to understand your company and outcomes you want to achieve.
  • Conduct in-depth research your industry, competition and who you’re speaking to.
  • Craft creative approaches to communicating your brand messages in interesting, visual ways.
  • Go to great lengths to get the right footage and edit till it’s a perfect representation of you.
  • Work our butts off to make you as the client feel like you’ve made the right decision.

Yes, effective video content is going to cost you. We implore you to think longer-term and picture what an excellent, persuasive video project can do for you.

Maybe you close that big account you’ve been eyeing, maybe someone sees it and contacts your company – either way we are confident the returns will pay for itself.

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